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Good fu n!

Where is mom when you need her?

Did glitch for me at the end, which was a shame.

A short and sweet game, I enjoyed it. I believe there is a bug in the mopping sequence, it occurred to me when I mopped in reverse order. (timestamps in description. It is the second game)

Thanks for playing! The mopping is supposed to be done in an order so doing it in reverse breaks the game.

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Super fun game and gave me a heckin good scare. Please keep up the good work!


Thanks for playing! Loved the video!

In the version 1.2 there was Turkish language but now its gone lol, (I mean it wasn't that necessary since theres not much of a talking but anyway) the game also doesn't end when I get closer to window so Idk what to do :/

Credits for the venge looks cute btw, i have the game and im waiting for the new stuff, once it gets a new update ill play the game from start! :)


Oh I'll change it soon. Thanks for letting me know.

Sir Histor, me and my 5 year old child were hoping to have a fun night out. And when we entred to living room it didn't register. I would like my money back and can I please speak with your supervisor and accountant, You guys will be hearing from my lawyer,

Thanks great game!

Oh sorry about that. I'll change it as soon as possible.


Game is free, if you gave money to play the game you just donated money or got scammed.

Comments below clip:

A home's supposed to be warm and welcoming, unless uninvited guests begin to pop up. Fun for 2 seconds. Pure horror for the rest :o]

Kudos to all involved!

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Thanks a lot for playing! I wanted to ask, which version of the game were you playing on the video?

@ TTS,

I think it was the first version...

short and interesting.

i played it as part of my very first 3 scary games video.

 Game at time stamp 4:41


Very good  little game, simple and fun! I played version 1.1 and everything worked perfectly for me. Looking forward to the next one.


Thanks a lot for playing! If you can, can you play version 1.2 and tell me.if everything worked perfectly?

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Gladly, I'll give it a shot today!

Edit: Alright! I've played it. Unfortunately, it did not work perfectly :( 
On version 1.2, whenever I got the task to return to the living room, it got stuck on that task, I tried 3x and it was always the same spot. I replayed 1.1 and that version still worked perfectly for me. I hope this helps!
Also, I like that you added another language, good idea! Perhaps, maybe some more sound effects in future projects. In this game, it would be neat to hear the kid munch on the gingerbread house or mopping up the stains.

Either way, thank you for the game, keep it up! I'll definitely be playing you next one :D


Thanks a lot for this!! Things have really been a pain since the language update and the project is now infinitely more complex because of workarounds I made in the past. Really appreciate this!

Short and fun game, good work :)

3 scary games, Is the 1nd game played

Hope You Enjoy!!!

Thanks for playing! I wanted to ask for some clarification, what version were you playing while making the video?

I played v1.2

Didn't get any quests but I managed to finish the game 

Hmmmm. I don't know why the task system doesn't work for you...

hey! theres no toilet- also none of the "quests" show up no matter how long i sit there-

I tried to play, but nothing happened when I went into the living room after mopping the stains.

I have the same problem.

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Mom is NOT home. (Played version 1.1)


Thanks a lot for playing Cool video! I recommend playing version 1.2 for some bug fixes and language options.

Don't know if anybody else has this problem, but I can't get further than the language screen, neither of them do anything when I click on them

Hey! Thanks for letting me know. We are already aware of the issue and we are working on resolving it. It's got a problem to do with the new 1.2 update.

Very short but fun solid game ! The ending did get me lol Played for a Halloween special its the 1st game , starts at 00:26


Thanks a lot for playing! I know there were a few bugs but they will be fixed in future updates.

This game was fun and short. The game had a few bugs to it, however, overall it was an enjoyable game, props to the developer(s)! ❤️

Please, check out my video on it! I get spooked/jumpscared and it has some funny moments intertwined with it! Thank you in advance! ❤️

Thanks a lot for playing! Loved the video! Thanks for all the feedback, we will definitely improve in the next game for which development has already begun!



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so if i double press e on doors it kinda does a big brain and skips the animation for opening or closing


Thanks for playing! Wait 1  second after pressing e because the duration of the open and close animation is 3 seconds total and it takes 1 second for the animation to start playing the keyframes. The slow pacing is intentional if you find it annoying haha.

oh- but i sat there for three hours waiting for it to do something lol- ill try again ig- ill be back in 16 hours

I just reread your message and realized you were talking about the bug where the animation gets skipped. I was aware of it during development too. I was not able to fix it though.

set a cooldown on the animation trigger, its pretty simple if you use unity

heres a description 

1) Add an Animation Event to your last key frame.

2) In Update you can continuously check if the animation has completed.
See AnimatorStateInfo

3) Start a coroutine that yields and waits for the animation to complete.

4) Use StateMachineBehaviour

hope this helps, unless im stupid and ur not using unity, if not lemme know and ill figure out how to fix it lol

Thanks for this! I'll try to fix it.

ofc :3

if you need a tester for your games, let me know! i offer my professional services for free!!

Thank for this game !

Thanks a lot for playing! Really liked the video!

Fun Game! We had a good time with this one!!

Thanks a lot for playing! You're channel reminded me a lot of FGeeTV and that's a good thing! I used to love that channel when I was young.

Thanks!! I guess it would never be a bad thing to be compared to them haha. Loved the game though it was a fun short jump scare we love them!!

Thanks a lot!

it says "run", i run everywhere but nothing happens. unlucky.

Run back to the living room. That's what you're supposed to do.

This game was funny

Thanks a lot for playing! Loved the video!

Three stars not so great, I'm not recommend this

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Thanks for your opinion. We'll try to improve next time. If you want, could you take the time to give feedback on what you din't like about the game and what you want us to change? Thanks!

Game 2 - This Games Atmosphere Was Pretty Good I Was A Bit Confused At Times But That Was Mainly My Tiny Brains Doing. The Jumpscare Was Def Unexpected But All Around Its Pretty Good The Sleeping Part Was A Bit Long But Other Than That I Have No Complaints 7/10! Cant Wait To See What You Do Next! ~Wang

Thanks a lot for playing and all the feedback too! I'll definitely improve in my next game!

A very nice game indeed. It just needed some creepy atmosphere and a louder jump scare and it would have been great! It is still a good game, I enjoyed it and the fact it was made within a week, very impressive. This game is the 2nd one, please enjoy!

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Thanks a lot for playing! The video was cool! I'll try to improve in my next game!

Just needed some audio really otherwise a very good game!  I look forward for more from you!

Actually, we are planning to add some sfx while eating the gingerbread and some cleaning sfx while mopping. Note that it isn't actually confirmed for this update to happen.

That would be pretty cool if you did!

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Wow.... it gave me a scare lol I think the most terrifying part for me was when i woke up and under the Tasks it said "run". That legitimately scared me. 

Thanks for playing! I was planning to change the text when you wake up in a future update since I thought it was lame. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Unsettling game!

Thanks a lot! Great video!


Thanks for playing! The paranormal stuff hasn't got anything to do with the gingerbread but I'll probably keep that idea in my mind for another game. Thanks!

mom never came home.. neither did i almost

Thank you so much for playing! Loved the video!

Creepy game, loved it!


Thanks a lot for playing! Really liked the video!


Thanks for playing! That wasn't mum at the end haha. Cool video!

Nice little horror game. The background ambience was nice from a sound design standpoint. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Thanks for playing! You were supposed to clean the stains in that order but you did it differently, this breaking the game. Cool video though!

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Thank you so much for playing! I really liked the playthrough!

Mom wasn't home and I don't think I am either anymore!

Thanks for playing our game! Great video!

Thanks for making it, it was fun!

Thanks for all the support!

Pretty cute and fun little game. I appreciate the little details you put in > keep up the good stuff!

Thanks so much for playing! Cool video!

Can't wait for the sequel, Dad went to get milk.

Not a bad little horror game , i do wish there was more spooky stuff happening throughout but for what it was, i enjoyed it !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Thanks a lot for playing! We're improving the horror aspects of our other games. Cool Video!

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